Remembering the past

Exhibition »Wir waren Nachbarn« (We were neighbours)

Over 170 biographical albums and 10 audio stations document the life stories of Jewish eyewitnesses

Exhibition at Schöneberg City Hall
(5 minutes walk from »Café Haberland«)

»Orte des Erinnerns« (Places of Remembrance)

Memorial in Bayerisches Viertel

The memorial, created by Renata Stih and Frieder Schnock (1993), with its 80 individual plaques testifies to the discrimination and gradual disenfranchisement of the Berlin Jews, which ended in their deportation and mass murder. 
You can see an overview of all of the stages of the monument at Schöneberg City Hall, Bayerischer Platz and in Münchener Straße, not far from Hohenstaufenstraße.

Since 2020, a multilingual app (German, English, French, Hebrew) is also available for the commemorative plaques »Orte des Erinnerns« (Places of Remembrance).
Download for Android and macOS

»Stolpersteine« (Stumbling Stones) project and commemorative plaques

There are »Stolpersteine« and commemorative plaques at specified locations for many of the inhabitants of this quarter, who are cited in the historical portal of the Bayerisches Viertel.
Stolpersteine are a reminder of the places where exclusion and persecution radically disrupted the lives of those affected: the last place of residence before their deportation to a concentration or extermination camp or before their arrest and execution. In 1996, artist Gunter Demnig laid the first 50 Stolpersteine in Berlin. With the installation of each new Stolperstein, more details about the lives and fates of the victims are revealed. In the meantime, around 40,000 Stolpersteine have been positioned in 15 European countries and in over 900 cities and communities in Germany.

Further informations:

Gedenkmauer in der Löcknitz-Grundschule


Project at Löcknitz-Grundschule elementary school

Founded in 1994 on the school grounds of the Löcknitz-Grundschule, and cultivated by the work of the 6th graders there, pupils have created a »Denk-mal!« (Never forget!) memorial for the Jewish citizens of Berlin’s Schöneberg district, who were murdered in concentration camps.

Löcknitz-Grundschule project website

Signet Audioguide Bayerisches Viertel

Audio guide through the Bayerisches Viertel

Produced by young people for young people during a project week at the Jugend Museum in Schöneberg, the Audioguide provides visitors to the Bayerisches Viertel with historical details at 29 info-points.